Convicted sex offender released Thursday expected to live in Winnipeg: police

Winnipeg police say Marcel Hank Charlette (pictured) has a history of violence and sexual offences, and is considered a high-risk to re-offend in a sexual and violent manner against anyone, particularly children and women. (Source: Winnipeg Police Service)

Winnipeg police say a convicted sex offender who is considered a high risk to re-offend is being released and is expected to live in Winnipeg.

On Thursday, police said 48-year-old Marcel Hank Charlette is being released from the Brandon Correctional Centre where he was serving a sentence for breaching recognizance order conditions.

Police said Charlette is also known as Hank Marcel Caribou, Hank Charlette, Peewee, and Bald Eagle. He is considered a high risk to re-offend in a sexual and/or violent manner, particularly against children and adult women.

The man was previously convicted of assault causing bodily harm, after police said he attacked a young woman, confining her and causing physical and severe psychological harm. Police said he was handed a 10-year sentence in July 2011.

Police said Charlette has a 'lengthy' criminal record, which includes multiple assaults and manslaughter in the death of a 2-year-old child.

Police said Charlette is expected to live in Winnipeg. He is being released with conditions including a prohibition on alcohol and non-prescription drugs, a curfew between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. daily, and a prohibition on owning, possessing or carrying weapons.

"This information is provided to enable members of the public to take suitable measures to protect themselves," police said in a release. "Any form of vigilante activity or other unreasonable conduct directed at Mr. Charlette will not be tolerated."

Police said anyone with information can call Winnipeg police at (204) 986-6222, call their local RCMP detachment or Manitoba Crime Stoppers at (204) 786-8477 or toll-free at 1-800-222-8477.