Corner Gas creator helps fight fertilizer with funny

Dead fish jokes smell funny.

Or at least they will when iconic Canadian comedian Brent Butt takes the stage at the Orillia Opera House to raise funds and awareness about the Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition on May 4.

The coalition was created to monitor Lake Simcoe’s ecosystem and speak on its behalf about environmental concerns.

Two of its current top priorities are the proposed Bradford Bypass connecting Highway 400 to Highway 404, which would endanger fish and wildlife and the Upper York Sewage Solution, which the coalition fears could add phosphorus and pollutants to the region.

Speaking up for the fish and other wetland-area inhabitants, Butt, an award-winning Canadian comic and creator of Corner Gas, is joining forces with the coalition this week to fight fertilizer with funny.

Butt began his stand-up comedy career in 1988 and has headlined internationally as well in Toronto.

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