Councillor's vaccine mandate concern rejected

London City Councillor Michael Van Holst has failed to garner council support regarding his concerns about vaccine oppression.

It comes after three days of lobbying.

In a letter submitted to the agenda of the Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee (SPPC), Van Holst argued vaccination mandates may be perceived as unwarranted by the unvaccinated.

His letter states, “some will claim it to be an act of coercion” and "potentially oppression.”

To give the idea a chance to be explored, Van Holst asked his council colleagues to refer the issue to the Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti- Oppression Advisory Committee (DIAAC) at City Hall.

At Wednesday’s meeting, he stated council may wish to review things outside of what the province mandates. He believes the DIACC could help with that.

“Get them to look at it, and come back to decide when it will be fine and when we might be in a little jeopardy for putting forward a mandate on our own initiative.”

Van Holst's letter and related motion received no seconders.

Dr. Chris Mackie, medical officer of health for London and Middlesex County, has expressed support for requiring vaccination in high-risk settings -- with exemptions on medical, religious or philosophical grounds.