New community centre being built in east London. (Sean Irvine / CTV London)

LONDON, Ont. - A London councillor has ballots ready, but not for the upcoming federal vote.

Ward 2 Councillor Shawn Lewis is pushing to have the proposed name of the city’s newest $22-million community centre changed, before a final decision is made next week.

Lewis says the current name, proposed by the city, The Community Centre on Wavell, doesn’t correctly reflect the neighbourhood.

“We want to be referred to as Argyle, just as OEV, is the Old East Village. Huron Heights has a different character as well. So, we want the Argyle area reflected in the naming of this centre”.

But Lewis acknowledges there is a potential problem with using the name Argyle in the name of the new centre.

Argyle Arena is located just down the street, potentially causing confusion for 911 emergency response.

So, through a community meeting Wednesday evening, and social media poll, Lewis has asked residents to come up with other names.

Some have suggested prominent Londoners, but the majority want the centre named for the park it sits adjacent to.

“The top name, far and away, is East Lions Community Centre”

While the name game is slated to be decided at next week’s Community and Protective Services Committee meeting, Lewis says the long-term name could still be altered, if a corporate sponsor steps up.

“Definitely the door is open if a big partner wants to come forward and put their name on the building. I’d like to see it be a local business, somebody who has really good roots, here.”

The community centre, whatever is ultimately dubbed, remains behind schedule. It’s opening date, originally slated for the fall of 2018, has been pushed back until early next year.