COVID-19 exposures: Last week saw the fewest flights added to the BCCDC's list in months

The B.C. Centre for Disease Control added 10 more flights to its list of COVID-19 exposures from Thursday to Saturday, bringing the total added over the last week to 17.

The centre added six flights to the list on Thursday, one on Friday and three more on Saturday. Seven flights had already been added to the list between Sunday and Wednesday last week. 

While the flights were added over the last few days, they took off from or landed at B.C. airports between May 19 and June 3.

Details of the latest additions to the list follow.

  • May 19: Air Canada flight 311 from Montreal to Vancouver (rows 19 to 25)
  • May 29: Air Canada flight 116 from Vancouver to Toronto (rows 37 to 43)
  • May 29: Air Canada flight 556 from Vancouver to Los Angeles (rows 28 to 34)
  • May 29: WestJet flight 3181 from Edmonton to Kelowna (rows 16 to 20)
  • May 30: Turkish Airlines flight 75 from Istanbul to Vancouver (rows not reported)
  • May 30: Swoop flight 164 from Abbotsford to Winnipeg (rows 15 to 21)
  • June 1: Sunwing flight 2854 from Kingston, Jamaica to Vancouver (rows 25 to 31)
  • June 2: WestJet flight 3139 from Vancouver to Calgary (rows nine to 15)
  • June 2: Harbour Air flight 1705 from Tofino to Vancouver (rows not reported)
  • June 3: Harbour Air flight 1710 from Vancouver to Tofino (rows not reported)

Anyone who was on any of the flights listed should self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19, seeking testing and self-isolating if any develop, according to the BCCDC.

Passengers who were seated in the rows listed are considered to be at greater risk because of their proximity to a confirmed case of the coronavirus.

Studies suggest the risk of contracting COVID-19 on an airplane is low, but there have been examples of it happening. 

Seventeen flights is a slight decrease in the weekly total compared to previous weeks in late May, but it's still the lowest total the BCCDC has recorded in a week since CTV News Vancouver began tracking earlier this year.

B.C. health officials don't directly contact everyone who was on a flight with a confirmed case of COVID-19. Instead, exposure notifications are posted on the BCCDC website.