A number of teachers and support staff at a Scarborough elementary school are refusing to enter the building once again today following an outbreak of COVID-19.

An outbreak was declared at Glamorgan Junior Public School last week after nine staff members and two students contracted the virus and on Tuesday, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) confirmed that one more student has now tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

The school remains open although 58 students who were learning in one wing of the building were told to self-isolate at home for 14 days following the outbreak.

A number of staff members at the school refused to work on Monday as a result of the positive cases, leaving only 11 adults to supervise students.

Speaking to CP24 on Tuesday morning, TDSB spokesperson Ryan Bird said the student who recently tested positive for the virus is among the children who were asked to self-isolate.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees, which represents staff at the school, told CP24 Tuesday that employees will not be entering the school again today.

Several staff members are currently in the parking lot as they wait for the Ministry of Labour to arrive.

"We understand that when there are now 12 cases in this school, again 11 of them in that one wing, we understand that that's concerning, not only to staff... but our parents and students," Bird said.

"It is safe to attend. There is no reason to close the school. If we thought it was unsafe, I can tell you, that school would already be closed."

The principal of the school, Teri Molnar, sent a letter to parents on Monday asserting that both the Ministry of Labour and Toronto Public Health gave the school the green light to continue operating.

The school remains open this morning.

The principal and vice principal, along with vice principals from nearby schools, have been brought in to supervise the children who are in attendance and lead classes today.

"Teachers and support staff are again refusing to enter the building this morning. We are continuing to have that dialogue with them," Bird said.

"We do have the proper supervision in place. The safety protocols are being followed...We remain in touch with Toronto Public Health."

Bird said it is not yet clear exactly how many students showed up for in-class learning today.

"We will be getting that information shortly but I would anticipate that fewer students are there today," he said.

Parents were informed last night about another potential work stoppage today, Bird added.

One parent, who dropped her child off at the school this morning, told CP24 that she doesn't feel great about the situation but is trying to "stay positive."

"We have some parents that they have no choice of where to put their kids because they still work," she said.