COVID-19 vaccine receipts available for Windsor-Essex residents

COVID-19 vaccination clinic at the WFCU Centre in Windsor, Ont., on Sunday, March 14, 2021. (Melanie Borrelli / CTV Windsor)

Windsor-Essex residents can now view and print COVID-19 vaccine receipts after getting their shots.

Windsor Regional Hospital officials say they have received a high volume of calls requesting information on how to retrieve receipts confirming they have received one or both vaccinations.

Individuals should have received their “vaccine receipts” at the time of vaccination and also by email following vaccination. Health officials recommend saving and storing these records in a safe and easy to remember place.

WRH corporate communications manager Steve Erwin says the hospital has had a high volume of calls asking for a confirmation copy.

"It’s good practice to kind of have this confirmation available to you. If someone asks for it say down the road when the border opens you have a chance to go over and see our friends from Michigan for the first time in a while, maybe you’re going to need that confirmation. So this could go a long way to start that process," Erwin says.

Anyone who still needs formal confirmation of vaccination can visit a new Ontario government link that is now active and provides a digital and printable copy of their receipt.

Individuals can log in using their health card number and are then click on “Vaccine Receipts” to view and then print a vaccination receipt if they had a dose administered.

“We anticipate demand for such receipts will rise in the weeks ahead if government requirements are implemented requiring confirmation of vaccinations,” states a WRH news release.

On May 31, the Ontario government announced mandatory requirements for long-term care homes to have COVID-19 immunization policies for staff and minimum requirements that need to be included in these policies, including providing proof of vaccination of each dose.

- With files from CTV Windsor's Angelo Aversa