Carmel is a six-pound, 14-year-old cat with one eye. (Photo courtesy of Alissa Sklar)

MONTREAL -- Canada Post carriers are a hardy bunch.

You don't haul and deliver hundreds of pieces of mail a day, or more, in the face of often unpleasant weather conditions and occasionally dodgy terrain without some reserves of fearlessness.

Well, that describes most of them, anyway.

That doesn't appear to be the case with one Montreal-area Canada Post worker who was so put off by the presence of an unassuming cat that the carrier refused to deliver that day's mail to the cat's home.

The cat in question is one Caramel, a 14-year-old, 6-pound cat who has one eye. Carmel belongs to Alissa, a Westmount woman who posted about her experience on Instagram.

Alissa returned home the other day to find a hastily scrawled note on an envelope from a Canada Post carrier (who she says was replacing her normal carrier for the day).

The note, which Alissa posted on Instagram Tuesday, was succinct: "Crazy cat with one eye was going to eat me."

Alissa was more bemused than anything that Caramel could have that kind of effect on anyone, let alone postal carriers, who presumably come across much more menacing obstacles while doing their rounds. Caramel "mostly hides in the bushes and charms our neighbours into feeding him," Alissa wrote in her post.

The story does have a nice ending. Alissa says on Monday her regular mailman rang her doorbell to apologize for his easily spooked colleague.

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Our regular postal carrier rang our doorbell today to apologize for the guy who replaced him on Friday and refused to deliver this letter because he was afraid of Caramel, our tiny, 6 lb, one-eyed, 14 year old cat who mostly hides in the bushes and charms our neighbours into feeding him. #catsofinstagram

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