Creating a unique farm-to-table experience in Stratford

There’s nothing quite like a home cooked meal using fresh local ingredients.

That’s why the Lynn River Farm in Stratford is working with Perth County Tourism to create a unique farm-to-table experience.

While their menu changes weekly, one thing remains the same – they use the produce and meat from their farm.

“My husband and I purchased this farm from my grandparents in 2009,” says owner Lindsay Higgins. “In 2010 we started out first CSA program. People purchased a share of our garden essentially. We delivered to 18 different families organic produce that we grew from our garden. As that grew, we decided to build and open a farm store on our property where we could sell out free range chicken, produce and some baked goods. But that quickly grew into meals-to-go.”

Lindsay, her husband Mike and their team prepared dozens of meals, including: chicken pot pie, pizza, quiche, soup and salad.

“As a mother, what I was looking for for my kids and my family, and how we wanted to live our life on the farm and sort of returning to a simpler time, I guess you could call it,” says Lindsay. “I remember my grandparents living on this farm. Everything just seemed a little easier and we really embraced that and the community and customers have really embraced that, and that guided us to where we are now.”

“These are our turkeys,” says Mike. “They are bronze orlopp turkeys and they are a heritage breed. We are going to grow 50 of them this year, and every year they sell out like crazy. They basically get free will of their food and they also get moved around the pasture as much as they need, depending on weather and how many birds that we have. The hope is that we can come back here and farm vegetable on this pasture so the ecosystem is kind of closed and we have access to nutrients and a food source as well, so it’s a full circle concept.”

The couple is now adding a farm-to-table project to their plate.

Its part of Perth County Tourism’s program called ‘Discover More Adventures’, bringing experiential tourism opportunities to the area.

“It’s a three-hour dining experience that can start with a walk through our garden, past the chickens and the turkeys before settling down around a fire together,” says Lindsay. “It’s six tasting plates. The first one is enjoyed around the fire before settling into their tables where we enjoy the rest of the five courses, eventually with candlelight and always overlooking the quarry.”

A meal grown, prepared, cooked and consumed, right at Lynn River Farm.