Creemore farm marks peak of lavender season

With many days of mild temperatures in the spring, one farm is marking an excellent start to the so-called lavender season.

Purple Hill Lavender Farm says they are a few weeks ahead of schedule. The 45-acre property, which has three of those acres dedicated to its crops, is already seeing high demand from members of the public.

"I think especially with COVID, people want something that they can enjoy and do outside, feel safe," says Jessica Ridding, the CEO of the farm. "It's a beautiful place to come and have a picnic, take a stroll through our fields and really just enjoy the beauty of nature."

This is the second year that the farm is welcoming members of the public to roam its selection of the popular flower. Everything is made, planted and harvested by hand, with tools on-site to make essential oils to use in various products.

"Whether you need some assistance helping with sleep, lavender is great for being known to aid with sleep and relaxation, stress, many therapeutic properties of lavender," says Ridding. "You can also cook with it, and it looks great."

Ridding says the peak of the season is from the middle of June through to the middle of August.