Crews rescue man who fell and became trapped at Scarborough Bluffs for hours

Emergency crews are attempting to rescue a man who was reportedly injured after a fall at the Scarborough Bluffs early this morning.

Firefighters received a call at around 6:45 a.m. about a man who was trapped on the bluffs.

Toronto Fire District Chief Bryce McDonald told CP24 that a passerby heard someone yelling for help and notified police.

Police initially said the man reportedly fell down the escarpment and injured his back and leg.

The victim, McDonald said, had been at the bluffs since 2 a.m. and was trapped under vegetation when crews located him.

He said it took firefighters about an hour to rescue the man, who was found hanging onto a tree with his leg trapped.

His injuries are believed to be minor and paramedics are currently assessing the man.