Crime Stoppers, police unveil revamped Scarborough playground where 2 young girls were shot in 2018

Crime Stoppers and Toronto police were on hand this morning for the unveiling of a revamped playground in Scarborough where two young girls were wounded in a brazen daylight shooting in 2018.

To celebrate the children who live in the area of 10 Alton Towers Circle, Crime Stoppers launched a project to refresh the playground where the shooting occurred in June 2018.

“June, 14 2018 was a day just like this. It was nice out and children were playing here. Nevertheless, it was a sad day, a terrible day that left scars, without a doubt,” Maxime Langlois, director of the Crime Stoppers BOLO program, said at the unveiling on Thursday morning.

“Unfortunately, there's not much we can do to erase what happened here…. But here's what we can try to do, bury that sadness with happiness and this is exactly what we're trying to do here today. We're trying to bring happiness to the children of this community.”

Nearly a dozen shots were fired in the direction of the playground where several young children were playing on the evening of the shooting.

The intended target was not hit but two young sisters, who were ages five and nine at the time of the incident, were struck by bullets.

The two girls were transported to hospital for treatment and have since recovered from their injuries.

T’Quan Robertson, who police identified as the gunman in the shooting, was sentenced to 13 years in prison last year. Two others were also charged in the incident.

“The Toronto Police Service know and understand that for us to feel safe in the neighbourhoods that we live, visit and play, we need to have a strong community and strong partnerships,” Staff Supt. Randolph Carter said Thursday.

“When there was a tragic event here two summers ago, this community banded together and they worked with the Toronto Police Service to hold those people accountable.”

As part of the Crime Stoppers initiative, children who live in the Alton Towers area were given specially designed “Alton Towers Superhero” sweatshirts today and were provided with a pizza lunch this afternoon.

“We must all work together with a collaborative goal to make a difference in the prevention of crime while enhancing the overall safety of our community,” Sean Sportun, chair of Toronto Crime Stoppers, said in a written statement.

“It is our hope, this project will bring added closure to our community partners at 10 Alton Towers and reinforce that community safety is a shared responsibility.”

Stacey King, the mother of the girls who were wounded, said the new playground offers children in the area a fresh start that will help them move past the trauma.

“No family should have to experience this kind of trauma. Guns and gun violence can effect anybody,” she told CP24 on Thursday. “It does matter what community you are from.”

She said she hopes the incident brings more awareness to the issue.

“Bullets have no name. It is just a sad thing what happened my children… Hopefully this brings more awareness,” she said.

“It takes a community and a village to put a stop to gun violence.”