LRT platforms were crowded during the rush hour commute Monday morning.

Monday was the first big test for full LRT service after parallel bus service ended.

 OC Transpo adjusted more than 100 routes taking thousands of bus trips out of the downtown core.

Pimisi station was busy for commuters heading to Gatineau. 

Mixed reactions from riders at Pisimi Station - some saying it was a smooth ride in but now waiting for the bus, one said this a.m. was a nightmare, trying to adjust to new route, find the station entrance, now waiting for a bus that’s late @ctvottawa #ottawa #ottnews #otttransit pic.twitter.com/Tx3cJPvMR6

— Christina Succi (@CTVChristina) October 7, 2019

Some commuters were not taking any chances about which route to take to get to work. 

One at Pisimi came prepared should her ‘Plan A’ route not work, she has a contingency plan because she can not afford to be late for work. She said only issue was finding where to wait to catch the 66 #ottnews #ottawa #LRT #otttransit @ctvottawa pic.twitter.com/gMxs2h2JXH

— Christina Succi (@CTVChristina) October 7, 2019

Tunney's Pasture was a major transfer location. Many bus routes now ended at Tunney's Pasture and commuters transfer to the LRT Confederation Line. 

Chair of the Transit Commission Allan Hubley said overall, things went well.

"We saw at the peak that it was getting pretty full, but it wasn't over full. There wasn't mass numbers being left behind", Hubley said.

Transportation Manager John Manconi said the system worked. "I was at the peak of the peak this morning here, full platforms..trains would pull up. It would take everybody it needed to take.  Trains are busy, but they're not at their full capacity", Manconi said.