EDMONTON - The Crown is appealing the sentence served to a man found guilty of first-degree murder in the 2015 deaths of two Mac's store clerks, arguing, in part, his sentence is unfit.

The Crown filed a notice of sentence appeal on Oct. 3, meaning if it is granted permission, the Crown will appeal the concurrent sentences handed to Colton Steinhauer on Sept. 6.

Steinhauer was handed two life-imprisonment sentences without parole eligibility for 25 years, as well as two eight-year prison sentences, in the case of a pair of December 2015 robberies.

In the same night, Steinhauer, Laylin Delorme and a 13-year-old robbed two Mac's stores and killed clerks Karanpal Bhangu and Ricky Cenabre.

While a jury recommended Steinhauer serve the terms consecutively, Steinhauer was sentenced to serve them concurrently.

Among the grounds for appeal, the Crown lists, "The sentence imposed is demonstrably unfit."

In the appeal notice, the Crown also says the judge failed to properly assess Section 745.51 of the Criminal Code regarding ineligibility for parole in multiple-murder cases.

During the sentencing hearing, the Crown had asked for consecutive sentences.

Steinhauer is currently in custody at the Edmonton Institution.

Delorme is also seeking an appeal of his conviction, while the Crown is also appealing his sentence.