Crumbling asphalt has business owner calling for road improvements near Fundy National Park

The Village of Alma, N.B., is the gateway to Fundy National Park for anyone making the trek from the Greater Moncton area.

A detour leading residents and visitors through a side road was finally removed last week after four months.

Residents and business owners are happy the detour is gone, but there's still a concern for road conditions along Route 114.

Sections of the highway have been reduced to one lane because of a washout in February.

Phyllis Sutherland is a campground owner in Lower Cape. She said the roads are important to her clientele who drive RVs.

"Some of them have $2.5 million vehicles and they certainly don't want potholes or dangerous narrow areas because they carry a lot of weight. And it wouldn't be hard to sink off the side of the road," says Sutherland.

Restaurant owner Jeremy Wilbur said Alma was bustling over the weekend and the removal of the detour may have helped that.

"I think so. It didn't really affect business at all, it probably helped. It's just one little passing lane in a short section which is excellent. It's better than no road at all," said Wilbur.

Over 300,000 people visit Fundy National Park every year and 275,000 go to nearby Hopewell Rocks. Those numbers tell Sutherland more money should be invested in the roads.

"So what that makes me think is, we need to step up and we need to inform the government what we as business operators have observed," said Sutherland.

A spokesperson for the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure told CTV News in early May some minor work has been completed along Route 114 and more extensive work will be done as tenders are awarded.