A grocery store owner in Wilmot Township said a thief walked out of her store with a basket of items without paying for them.

Security footage from Saturday evening shows a shopper browsing the meat section at Cloverleaf Farms Food Outlet and Deli in New Hamburg.

"(He) had a mask on, baseball cap, his hood completely done up," owner Angie Scheid said.

Scheid said he left with about $250 worth of food, mostly beef products, without paying.

According to staff, he walked out of the front door with the full basket and into a moving vehicle waiting outside.

"They yelled after him to stop or halt and he just continued to walk," Scheid said.

She said she's not angry about what happened.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures and you never know what someone else is going through," Scheid said.

A Good Samaritan sent cash to help cover the cost of the stolen items.

"You just can't wrap your head around something like that, when someone is that kind," Sheid said. "We can't tell him enough how much we appreciate it."

Customer Dale Snyder comes to the store several times a week.

"Everybody in the store knows your name when you come in," Snyder said. "It's community shopping at its finest level."

Scheid posted on social media about the incident, offering to help those in need if they can't afford to pay.

"If somebody needed help and you did come and speak to Angie, she would be the first on deck to help you," Snyder said.

Scheid said she's grateful for the community support.

"It was pretty touching," she said.

She plans to donate any extra money to a local charity.