Tire marks in a parking lot on Tecumseh Road in Windsor, Ont. (Source: Windsor police)

A man is facing a criminal charge after police say he drove dangerously and put others at risk in a Windsor parking lot.

Windsor police say they have received a number of ongoing complaints involving loitering, property damage and erratic vehicle operation during the weekends in a parking lot in the 300 block of Tecumseh Road East.

In response, members of the Windsor Police Service Problem Orientated Policing Unit were assigned to monitor the area on Saturday.

Around 8:30 p.m., people began to gather throughout the parking lot in small groups.

Officers say they saw the driver of a vehicle in the parking lot begin to rev the engine, causing the wheels to go into a spin out.

The vehicle then catapulted forward and proceeded to spin continuously throughout a large portion of the parking lot, leaving fresh tire markings on the pavement.

Police say there were other people in the lot on bicycles that at times were a mere 15-feet away from the spinning vehicle. Officers also saw a passenger in the vehicle that was being driven erratically.

Officers then moved in and stopped the subject vehicle.

The driver was arrested without incident and the vehicle was towed from the scene.

He faces a criminal charge of Dangerous Driving.

Ongoing roadway and traffic concerns can be reported to Windsor police online at: https://windsorpolice.ca/services/reporting/Pages/Traffic-Complaints.aspx

Police say they cannot accept any reports via social media and to always call 911 in an emergency.