Deadline soon approaching to send letters to Santa


Kids who are looking to send letters to Santa Claus will need to get them in the mail soon.

Canada Post says on its website that the deadline to send letters is no later than Dec. 10.

"Sacks of letters are arriving at the North Pole and our postal elves are busy helping Santa with his mail," the company says online.

For those who still need to send off their wish list, Canada Post has some tips for people to send it properly.

The most important thing to remember is Santa's address. The letter can be addressed to Santa Claus at the North Pole, with postal code H0H 0H0 in Canada.

Kids are reminded to include a return address so they can receive a return letter from Santa.

If multiple children live in one household, parents are told to send all of the letters in one envelope. No stamps will be required on the letter either.

Letters can be sent from anywhere in the world and Santa will reply in more than 35 languages, including Braille.

If kids want letter templates they can write on, Canada Post has some options online.

Canada Post also said that no one is too old to write to Santa.