Detective Staff Sergeant Greg Rossi retires from the OPP after over three decades

Detective Staff Sergeant Greg Rossi, shown with his wife and son, retired from the OPP after three decades (Source: OPP West Region)

After three decades of service, a member of the OPP has retired.

Detective Staff Sergeant and Regional Operations Coordinator of almost 33 years, Greg Rossi retired Friday.

Rossi's wife and son joined in for a special send-off over the police radio thanking him for his years of service.

Rossi was cleared by the communication centre with a '10-7, end of shift'.

Congratulations, and happy retirement!

Detective Staff Sgt. Greg Rossi began the next phase of his life today, as he retired from the OPP after more than 3 decades of service to the people of Ontario. Greg's family joined us for a special send-off. #FridayFeeling ^dr

— OPP West Region (@OPP_WR) April 30, 2021