Winnipeg’s Mama Bear Clan says the group is devastated after discovering a memorial statue for a boy who lost his life after falling into the Red River in 2010 had been destroyed.

The family of Nathaniel Thorassie had placed the statue close to the river following the incident. The statue is meant to honour Nathaniel and others who have lost their lives in the river.

“Nathaniel was only six years old. He was a child. They moved into the community and two days later he lost his life,” said Alexia Legere from the Mama Bear Clan.

The Mama Bear Clan said it came across the badly vandalized statue while patrolling the area on Tuesday.

The patrol group is now raising money to help replace the memorial for the grieving family.

“The Mama Bear Clan patrols the community. This is our heart, and for us to do this for her is very important because when tragedies happen we all have to come together as a community,” said Legere.

The Mama Bear Clan said it is accepting donations at the North Point Douglas Women’s centre.

Donations can also be sent through e-transfer to director@npdwc.org. The password is: memorial.

“Our plans are to work with the mother on restoring the memorial,” said Legere.

“Our hope is to actually make it look like Nathaniel,” said Legere. “So when his family visits they see him and not just a random statue that was there.”