A man who says his life was saved by a complete stranger in a snowstorm 14 years ago is now trying to find the Good Samaritan who pulled him off the side of the road.

Rob Biggs was 21 years old when he decided to hitchhike from Edmonton to Cranbrook, B.C., to visit an old girlfriend.

“The long short of it: I ended up walking about 18 hours, and then on my way back to Edmonton, after a failed attempt, I lost consciousness,” Biggs recalled.

By the time Biggs decided the venture was no longer a good idea and should turn back, he was somewhere between Calgary and Red Deer. He told CTV News Edmonton he was freezing and doesn’t remember much else after that.

“I remember looking at a snowbank thinking that’s a good place to die.”

But someone, possibly driving a green van, stopped after spotting Biggs’ unconscious body.

“Somebody miraculously saw me, middle of winter, middle of night, [in a] blizzard,” Biggs said.

“I just can’t wrap my head around that. Pick up a guy on the side of the highway that appears to be dead,” Biggs added.

Biggs told CTV News Edmonton that when he woke up, he found himself in an unfamiliar home in Red Deer. He believes it was the house of the Good Samaritan's mother but was too panicked to find out.

“I woke up on a strange couch, didn’t know what the hell happened and saw a glass patio door and left.”

Even though the details are vague, Biggs put a post on Facebook. He hopes the stranger can help fill in the gaps of that unforgettable night on the highway.

“I was telling my daughter the story and it just kind of hit me like a tidal wave that without this stranger she wouldn’t exist. None of my life would.”

With files from David Ewasuk