Distracted theft suspects (top L-R)Cornelia Gologan, Verginica Munteanu, Petrache Dadaci (arrested), (bottom L-R)Costica Marin, Elvis Stoian (arrested) and Pesid Corciu (arrested)

CALGARY – Calgary police say the hunt for three distracted theft suspects continues following the arrests of three of their alleged cohorts in Ontario and Manitoba.

Police released the names and photographs of six people on Oct. 24 who were wanted on a total of 156 charges in connection with distraction thefts that occurred throughout Calgary.

According to police, three of the six suspects have been arrested and taken into custody including:

  • Elvis Stoian, 42, arrested in Winnipeg, MB, wanted on 38 charges
  • Petrache Dadaci, 47, arrested in Toronto, ON, wanted on 30 charges
  • Persida Corciu, 43, arrested in Toronto, ON, wanted on 30 charges

The search continues for the outstanding suspects:

  • Verginica Munteanu, 32, wanted on 31 charges
  • Cornelia Gologan, 43, wanted on 20 charges
  • Costica Marin, 31, wanted on seven charges

Anyone having information regarding the whereabouts of Munteanu, Gologan or Marin is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers.