A woman from Waterloo says she didn't know she was signing the ownership to her dog away when she brought it in to a Cambridge emergency veterinary clinic.

Rachel English brought her dog Rizzo to the vet Thursday morning after she came down with a fever.

"She had more seizures in the vehicle in the 40 minutes," she said. "They made me wait in the parking lot before taking her in."

English adds that she was told by staff the dog needed to undergo a procedure that would cost roughly $900.

"Rizzo was in critical condition," she said. "She [the vet] gave me two options: either pay now or leave the dog."

The owner says she wanted to do whatever it took to save Rizzo's life.

"She brought out a clipboard and she said that the Humane Society would cover the costs if I left the dog there," said English.

According to the humane society, signing that paperwork meant English no longer owned Rizzo.

"The owner did relinquish her rights to the dog when she took it to EVC," said Kathrin Delutis, executive director of The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth, in a statement. "She signed the necessary paperwork and I can confirm that I have seen that paperwork."

English says she didn't realize this until hours later. When she called the clinic for an update on Rizzo, she was told she couldn't get any information about her because she was not in her care anymore.

"All I needed was a couple hours to get home and get what I needed and go back," she said. "But they never gave me that option."

However, the humane society now confirms that English is allowed to pick her dog up this weekend after paying the balance owed.

Staff at the Cambridge clinic did not want to comment to CTV News about the issue since they say it has been resolved.

English says she is relieved after days of stress, regrets signing paperwork without being clear on the conditions, and is looking forward to Rizzo being reunited with her six, six-week-old puppies at home.

"I just want her home and safe and to be with her puppies," she said. "It was heartbreaking that that could have been the last time I saw my dog."

English adds that she still hasn't been told what is wrong with her dog.