Dog rushed to vet after eating pot laced with barbiturates in B.C. park

Hours after taking her dog Bijou out for a nightly walk Saturday, Holly Gracey said the retriever became seriously ill.

“She was sitting there and wavering, sort of going back and forth,” said Gracey from her Port Moody, B.C., home. “Then her whole bladder just voided on her bed.”

Bijou's eyes were dilated and she was acting erratically, racing back and forth in the yard, so Gracey rushed her to the veterinary clinic.

“Well I’m terrified, because I think there’s something in her system that’s making her ill, and I don’t know if it’s going to kill her,” she said.

The vet took a urine sample and it came back positive for THC and barbiturates.

Gracey figured the dog must have sniffed-out and eaten the cannabis laced with other drugs while they were out for a walk in Westhill Park around 6 p.m.

Bijou spent the night at the vets hooked-up to an IV, and is now doing much better.

Still, Gracey said this should serve as another warning to dog owners to keep an extra careful watch on their pets.

And she urged people to be careful with their drugs, because even a tiny bit can seriously hurt animals.

“To have your best friend and companion sickened by something that shouldn’t happen, it’s damn scary,” she said emphatically.