Dog seized, charges recommended after pet was spotted in crate attached to trailer on B.C. highway


A dog has been seized and animal cruelty charges are being recommended after the pet was spotted in a crate attached to a trailer on a B.C. highway amid a heat wave.

The SPCA gave the update Friday morning, saying it was "inundated with calls" telling them of the situation.

Heather Peters was one witness who called police when she saw the dog in Abbotsford during a record-breaking heat wave. 

She told CTV News earlier this week she saw the large dog in a crate being transported behind a recreational trailer, which was stopped at the intersection of Delair Road and Sumas Way around 3 p.m. on Sunday.

“I’m just dumbfounded. I can’t imagine. It’s scary,” she said. “I just want the dog to be safe, that’s all. I want them to realize that you cannot transport a dog like that, that’s wrong.”

Peters followed as long as she could, but was running out of gas.

“I have never, ever seen anything like that in my entire life,” she said. “The dog can’t speak up for himself, so somebody else has to.”

The SPCA was able to trace the owner and location and got a warrant to seize the dog. The animal was taken into their care on June 30.

"The dog is safe and is being cared for by the SPCA in an undisclosed location," the animal welfare agency says. "The dog is not available for adoption at this time as we have to follow the legal steps in the process before he is ours to rehome."

The agency says it's recommending charges of animal cruelty.

With files from CTV News Vancouver's Maria Weisgarber