Downtown situation involving possibly armed man resolved safely: police

Police have resolved a situation downtown that involved a man experiencing a mental health crisis who was possibly armed.

Winnipeg police were on scene of Sargent Avenue and Kennedy Street Friday morning after receiving calls that a man might be armed.

The public was asked to avoid the area.

For a time police asked schools and daycares in the area to go into a hold and secure as a precautionary measure.

Police tweeted shortly after 3 p.m. that the situation had been resolved.

Const. Rob Carver of the Winnipeg Police Service said police were originally called around 8:45 a.m.

"We had information almost immediately that there was an individual experiencing a mental health crisis," said Carver.

He said several resources were used to deal with the situation and police were prepared to use all the time they needed to ensure everyone was safe.

"I am very happy to say that we have that individual now under medical care and getting, I hope, everything that is required."

Carver said police didn't believe that there was a threat to the public but precautions were still needed.

When it comes to the possible weapons, Carver said they had received information that individual might have had a gun.

"I can tell you we did not have anything to support or confirm that, but we can't discard that type of information in a heavy urban environment."

Carver said he wasn't able to confirm if a firearm was involved.

He added no offences were committed during the situation and no arrests are being considered.