About 50 people gathered in front of Lethbridge city hall on Tuesday to protest ongoing health restrictions.

Roughly 50 people gathered in front of Lethbridge city hall on Tuesday to once again protest ongoing health restrictions.

The event was organized by a group called We the People, and one of its organizers, Anthony Hall, says the focus was to highlight the struggles facing small business owners and people who have lost their jobs.

“When people lose their jobs, lose their businesses, they’re prone to depression, addictions, domestic abuse and suicide," he said.

Organizers added the financial impact on the economy isn’t the only reason for the demonstration.

Guest speaker and interim leader of the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta, Paul Hinman, expressed concern around how personal freedoms are being affected.

“The fact that [people] can’t go to church, that the kids can’t go to school, they can’t play in the playground with their friends, they can’t participate in sports. So many personal freedoms have been taken away," he said.

Students in Alberta returned to classroom learning earlier this week.

Another speaker was controversial Calgary street preacher, Artur Pawlowski.

His views on homosexuality have stirred up controversy over the years and drew a lone counter-protester, who wished to stay anonymous, to Tuesday’s rally.

“I don’t like homophobic rhetoric being used in this city. I don’t think there’s a place for hatred or anything like that here in the city. So, I came out here to protest against it," they said.

Pawlowski has also been ticketed for violating health restrictions at anti-mask rallies in Calgary.

About a dozen Lethbridge police officers were present at the event, monitoring the crowd and filming.

Police say they are investigating and charges for breaking mandatory health measures may be pending.