Driver clocked going 57km/h over limit charged under new stunt driving law: OPP

Provincial police in Kawartha Lakes charged a driver under the new stunt driving legislation for allegedly travelling 57km/h over the speed limit.

Officers patrolling Highway 35 in the Township of Ops said they clocked the 59-year-old driver going 137km/h in the posted 80km/h zone.

The accused's licence was suspended for seven days, and the vehicle was towed away to the impound yard for 14 days, an increase from the previous seven-day vehicle impoundment.


On Thursday, the new stunt driving legislation took effect with the introduction of a lower speed threshold for street racing offenders on municipal roads.

Ontario increased licence suspensions and vehicle impoundments for drivers caught stunt driving from seven days each to a 30-day licence suspension and a 14-day vehicle impoundment.

Drivers caught travelling 40km/h or more over the speed limit on roads where the posted limit is less than 80km/h will face stunt driving charges.

Before July 1, the limit was 50km/h over the speed limit before stunt driving charges would be laid.

Motorists caught driving 50km/h or more over the speed limit where the posted limit is 80km/h or higher will be charged with stunt driving.

Ontario introduced new post-conviction drivers' licence suspensions for anyone convicted of street racing or stunt driving, which include:

  • A minimum of one to three years for first offenders
  • A minimum three to 10 years for second offenders
  • A lifetime suspension that could be reduced at a later date to be established by regulation for a third offence, and
  • A lifetime driver's licence suspension for any subsequent offences