This image released by Orion Pictures shows Keanu Reeves, right, and Alex Winter in a scene from "Bill & Ted Face the Music." (Patti Perret/Orion Pictures via AP)

The long-awaited continuation of the Bill & Ted movie franchise, which just hit theatres, features an unlikely cameo from a couple of Saskatoon musicians.

Anthony Thoen and Spencer Chilliak, wh are members of Bombargo, were surprised to find out that they were featured in Bill and Ted Face the Music.

“One of our fans texted me saying, Dude! I just saw you guys in the new Bill & Ted Movie! I couldn’t believe it! I told the rest of the band and then we just started getting a flood of messages about people seeing us in the movie," Thoen said in a press release.

'The pair had participated in an online promotion where people were asked to submit videos of themselves "rocking out" to the music of Wild Stallyns, Bill and Ted's fictional band — which could potentially appear in the finished movie.

For Thoen and Chilliak's submission, they skateboarded down a hill with guitars "jamming" to the tune.

“We wanted to do something that hopefully stood out from other submissions," Thoen said.

 “It’s especially cool because the characters Bill & Ted are kind of like us. They’re on an adventure to try and become a successful band. The main difference is that we don’t have a time machine, but thus far, the adventure with Bombargo has been most excellent!”