Eastern Ontario's Ross Video will be one of the stars of Sunday's Super Bowl in Tampa Bay.

Ross Video, the Ottawa and Iroquois, Ont. company, is teaming up with Van Wagner Productions to run the in-game production at Raymond James Stadium for the NFL championship game.

"Ross Video is driving all of the LED that is traditionally in that venue. There is a couple of really large LED displays on each end of the stadium; there's also corner tower boards, LED boards, that are in there as well, so there's four of those," says Kevin Cottam, vice-president of sports and live events at Ross Video.

"For this game, just due to the reduced capacity of the game, we're also driving all kinds of LED that's been temporary installed on the first 10 rows of seats right around the entire field."

There will be 25,000 fans inside the stadium for the game, along with 30,000 cutouts to fill the seats.

Raymond James Stadium, home to the Buccaneers, is a long-time Ross Video customer. Ross Video says the venue's production team, BucsVision, have grown with the Ross Unified Venue Control Solution over the years, and together with Van Wagner and Ross, have added even more production elements for the game.

4th and Inches! To draw fans @RJStadium deeper into the game this Sunday, #PIERO Live will be delivering the virtual down & distance lines, red zone markers, sponsor logos and more! https://t.co/UlwPag1dRB #LivingLive #SportsVenue #InVenue #BigGame pic.twitter.com/ru4wslUm6v

— Ross Video Limited (@ross_video) February 6, 2021

On Twitter, Ross Video says its Acuity Switcher will be behind the wheel of the production for the game and will be steering the Pirate Ship in the one end zone of the stadium.  For the LED screens, Ross Video says its XPression Tessera will drive the main and corner displays, and the DashBoard control system will synchronize all elements of the production together for "jaw-dropping takeover elements."

First Down! Our flagship #Acuity Switcher will be behind the wheel of the production for the "Big Game" and will be steering the @RJStadium “Pirate Ship” this Sunday. #LivingLive #SuperSunday #BigGame #SportsVenue pic.twitter.com/mPGrzEAJqm

— Ross Video Limited (@ross_video) February 3, 2021

CTV News at Six anchor Graham Richardson asked Cottam how long Ross Video has been involved in one of the biggest sporting events.

"This is our fifth year. We've partnered with Van Wagner Sports and Entertainment, they are a company that has been working with the NFL for I think 36 years now; but we've been involved with them for the past five years," said Cottam. "It has been fantastic; it has really been really a great relationship partnering with Van Wagner Sports and Entertainment, as well as the NFL."

Second Down! #XPressionTessera will be driving the main display, corner tower boards, and seat cover LEDs @RJStadium with pre-rendered and real-time data driven graphics.

Combined with #DashBoard, game-day operators will have unlimited control of any LED display. #LivingLive pic.twitter.com/gFGUNPQJc4

— Ross Video Limited (@ross_video) February 4, 2021

Cottam admits he will get a little nervous while watching the Super Bowl.

"I think when you do have technology that's deployed at these really large events there's always something, you want everything to go perfectly," said Cottam. "But we've got backups, and backups for backups, so we're pretty confident things are going to work out well for us."