École Moody Middle School temporarily evacuated after man told police he planted explosives

Students and staff were forced out of École Moody Middle School after a man reportedly called police claiming to have planted explosives inside the school early Thursday morning.

A spokesperson with School District 43 told CTV News the building was evacuated just before 9 a.m.

Students, teachers and staff were sent to the back field to wait as police dealt with the incident. Parents and guardians were told to stay away from the school while the situation was unfolding.

Witnesses said there were about a dozen officers and a K-9 unit at the scene.

Port Moody police said they received a call from a man stating he had planted three pipe bombs inside the school and that he had weapons and was in a car in the school's parking lot.

After searching the area, police determined the man was not on the school's property.

The building was deemed safe and students and staff were allowed to return inside shortly after 10 a.m.

The incident at Moody Middle School has been resolved. All students, teachers and staff are safe and back in school! Thank you everyone for your support and patience! @ChiefFleugel @CityofPoMo pic.twitter.com/jYF1mxf2yY

— Port Moody Police (@PortMoodyPD) April 8, 2021