Edmonton’s baseball stadium is getting its long-awaited glow up

Re/Max Field, Edmonton’s iconic baseball stadium, is being restored and upgraded, after the start of this year’s season was put off by the pandemic.

“I will make it better,” said Dr. Randy Gregg, managing director of the Edmonton Riverhawks. “I won’t make it good, but I will make it better.”

Gregg, a former Oiler, was on the field helping with the restoration, including painting the home dugout.

“For the last four to five years there were rips in the artificial turf, but the artificial turf was 25 years old so it had to be fixed,” said Gregg.

Improvements in the stadium will include an LED scoreboard, new field turf and a portable mound that will allow other diamond sports to use the space.

“Part of the commitment of having a ten-year lease here at Re/Max Field is to not only bring a really exciting West Coast League team in so fans can come and watch, but also activate it for other people,” said Gregg. “Minor baseball, minor softball groups - if I was a slow pitch player I would love to play here every now and then.

“We really think there’s a group of Edmontonians who have played baseball in the past and want to come down and either play their game, practice or come and watch the games as well.”

The field’s ownership group is also hoping to host the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra for a series of performances once COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed.

The Edmonton Riverhawks are set to debut on the field in 2022.