Edmonton salon-turned-nightclub owners at the centre of weekend firearm dispute at Summerside Beach Club

An Edmonton family believe they have been targeted after hosting COVID-19 parties that defied public health restrictions.

After Edmonton police raided a nightclub-style party at Khrome Beauty Lounge, one co-owner apologized for the gathering.

“We take full responsibility,”  said in an interview with CTV News Edmonton. “My wife and I are very ashamed for what happened.”

Now, it appears that Imran may have been beaten in a fight that saw a gun fired at the Summerside Beach Club Friday afternoon.

Imran’s wife told CTV News Edmonton that the confrontation was connected to their business.

Faroda Hussaini said that this is not the first time that she and her husband have been targeted.

Hussaini shared video with CTV News Edmonton that showed the couple’s vehicles outside their home with gouging in the metal, smashed glass and mirrors.

CTV News Edmonton independently identified one of those vehicles outside the couple’s home Monday morning.

One of the Khrome Beauty Lounge owners vehicles after they say it was smashed by someone in retaliation for their COVID-19 regulations breaking party (Supplied).

According to Hussaini, someone came to their family home less than a day before the Summerside incident.

The family will not reveal who they believe to be responsible for the incidents.

But the story that police tell is that Admad Imran is actually in custody and is charged with a firearms offence.

Scott Pattison, Edmonton Police Service spokesperson, told CTV News Edmonton in a statement that police are searching for other “armed” suspects.

“What took place in broad daylight (at Summerside Beach Club), near a popular community gathering place, showed complete and utter disregard for the safety of families that were nearby enjoying a holiday Friday together.”

Hussaini has a court appearance next month related to the large gathering violating public health orders at their nail salon.

Police are asking anyone with any surveillance footage in the area of Friday's incident at Summerside Beach Club to contact them at 780-423-4567 for help identifiying other suspects.