Edmonton weather for July 9: Into the 30s today and Saturday with a storm risk tomorrow


We'll be in the low 30s again today and Saturday in Edmonton with temperatures "dropping" back to a high near 26 on Sunday.

Friday's high of 31.9 was JUST short of the record of 32.2 from 1964.

Today's record high is 34.1 and that was set in 2015. We'll be very close to that record this afternoon with a high around 33 degrees.

Saturday has a shot at a record as well. The mark is 33.0 from 2001.

The one catch to Saturday's forecast is the risk of a late-afternoon or evening thunderstorm.

There's no guarantee we get anything at all...it could just slip past the city (or, hit part of the city & miss the others neighbourhoods).

However, if the cloudcover increases early and a storm hits early to mid afternoon, that could hold temperatures a bit lower than expected.

We could certainly use some moisture and the late-Saturday chance of a shower or thunderstorm is the Edmonton area's best shot at precip over the next few days.

The hottest air moves off to the east on Sunday and Edmonton gets a couple days in the mid 20s Mon/Tue.

NW Alberta will get that "cooldown" on Saturday while eastern areas may need to wait until Monday.

The reprieve from 30-something heat doesn't look like it'll last long. There's another heat streak coming next week.

Temperatures look like they'll near or above 30 Tue-Fri next week with the hottest days being Wed/Thu.

That record of "most 30-degree days in a year" is looking more & more attainable.

1961 had 14 days hit 30+.

Today will be our 10th. We could have 12 to 14 by the end of next week and we'd only be at mid-July.


Here's the forecast for Edmonton:


Today - Mainly sunny.

  • High: 33


Tonight - A few clouds.

  • 9PM: 27


Saturday - Partly cloudy. 40% chance of a late-day shower or thunderstorm.

  • Morning Low: 17
  • Afternoon High: 31


Sunday - Mix of sun & cloud.

  • Morning Low: 15
  • Afternoon High: 26


Monday - Mix of sun & cloud.

  • Morning Low: 14
  • Afternoon High: 26


Tuesday - Partly cloudy.

  • Morning Low: 14
  • Afternoon High: 28


Wednesday - Partly cloudy.

  • Morning Low: 15
  • Afternoon High: 30