Edmonton weather for June 8: Morning showers, afternoon sunny breaks


Cloudy with a few scattered showers in Edmonton and the surrounding region early this morning.

If you're watching radar, these showers are moving from the southeast to northwest ("backwards," again). 

This isn't going to turn into a big soaker and should be out of the area by mid-morning.

Regions to the west and northwest of Edmonton will see the showers continue into the early afternoon. (Whitecourt/Edson/Hinton/Grande Prairie)


We'll get some sunny breaks and a high in the upper teens in the Edmonton region this afternoon.

There's another slight risk of a shower overnight.

Then...warming to a high of 20 C on Wednesday with a good chance of some late-day showers or thunderstorms.

The timing on "late-day" is a bit TBD. There's an initial risk in the afternoon and then a better chance in the evening.


There's a fair amount of uncertainty with the Thursday outlook.

Showers are very likely in the eastern half of Alberta and some of the models want to spin some of that rain back towards the Edmonton area.

Depending on how this plays out, we could have some steadier showers in the afternoon OR nothing at all.

AND...right now...I don't see a reason to be overly confident in either scenario.

So...let's leave that day as a bit of a question mark for now. I'll update that setup later today or tomorrow.


Friday and the weekend will be drier and we'll get a warming trend. Low 20s at the start, mid to upper 20s by Sunday and Monday.


Here's the forecast for Edmonton:


Today - Cloudy with a few showers this morning. Sunny breaks this afternoon.

High: 18


Tonight - Mostly cloudy. Slight risk of a shower overnight.

9PM: 15


Wednesday - Mix of sun & cloud. 60% chance of a late-afternoon or evening shower or thunderstorm.

Morning Low: 10

Afternoon High: 20


Thursday - Mix of sun & cloud. 30% chance of showers.

Morning Low: 11

Afternoon High: 17


Friday - Partly cloudy.

Morning Low: 10

Afternoon High: 21


Saturday - Mainly sunny.

Morning Low: 10

Afternoon High: 23


Sunday - Partly cloudy.

Morning Low: 10

Afternoon High: 24