The coldest weather of this winter is here and the bottom of this cold snap will probably be Sunday and Monday in Edmonton.

Temperatures are expected to drop into the mid -30s in Edmonton Sunday and Monday morning and areas outside the city will fall to around -40.

Daytime highs are expected to remain below -20 for five or six consecutive days starting Friday. Daytime highs will likely be in the mid -20s Sunday and Monday.

Further north, morning lows in the -40s and daytime highs near or in the -30s are in the forecast with Sunday/Monday being the coldest days.

Extreme cold warnings are in effect for parts of north and northeast Alberta and those may be extended to include the Edmonton region this weekend.

Despite the depths of this cold snap, Edmonton won’t break any records. 

The record lows are:

  • -39 Saturday
  • -41 Sunday
  • -46 Monday
  • -41 Tuesday

However, Sunday and Monday morning may both be in the top five coldest days ever recorded for Feb. 7 and 8.

So…when’s the last time it was this cold? Last year.

January 2020 had six straight days with a high below -20 (Jan. 12 through 17)

We also had four consecutive days with a low below -30 (Jan. 13 through 16)

One more thing:

The city of Edmonton hasn’t had a -40 in almost 50 years. Outlying reporting stations have hit -40 in recent years. But, the weather station in the city hasn’t reported a -40 temperatures since January 26, 1972.