Elderly Pincher Creek, Alta. couple facing assault, mischief charges after altercation with neighbours

After drinking the water, Juno started vomiting and whining. After taking her to the vet, they found abnormalities with her blood work.

For the past two years, Dylan Fouillard and Madalyn Weatherill say they’ve had the usual disagreements with their neighbours over things like floodlights, parking and garbage.

Then last month, things reached a boiling point.

"I thought that throwing branches over the fence was going to be the worst thing that they did," said Weatherill.

On June 3, Dylan Fouillard said his security cameras captured images of a woman taking the lid off of a bottle and reaching over the fence to pour something suspicious into his rain barrel water supply.

When he confronted his neighbours in response to the footage, he said things got physical, and the RCMP were called to the scene.

"Miss Barb Patterson of Pincher Creek has been charged with mischief in relation to the tampering allegation and Louis Patterson has been charged with assault of the victim involved," said Cpl. Tammy Keibel with the RCMP.

CTV News went to the Pattersons' house and knocked on their door, but the couple declined to comment.

However, Fouillard and Weatherill are still looking for answers.

That rain barrel water was used by Weatherill's two-year-old sister Jayden and was given to the couple's dog Juno before they were aware of the security camera footage.

"She's my baby sister and I don't want her to get hurt. She didn't do anything. She's not the problem," said Weatherill.

"Her and Juno are the most innocent in it and she's just trying to play."


After spending some time playing in the water, Jayden started to complain that her skin and eyes were burning. The couple assumed it was allergies.

Later on, Juno started vomiting and whining. After taking her to the vet, they found abnormalities with her blood work.

Fouillard said the province came to test the rain barrel water, and he said they told him over the phone that they had found glyphosate, the chemical compound found in numerous weed killers.

"Unfortunately it's come in contact with our dog and little Jayden," said Fouillard.

The province confirmed to CTV News that it is involved, but declined to comment because the case is now before the courts.

Jayden and Juno are feeling much better now, but Fouillard and Weatherill are worried about the possible long-term side effects of potentially being exposed to harmful chemicals.

The Pattersons are scheduled to appear in court on August 17, but the complainants still have concerns.

"If all they're getting now is a mischief charge, what's going to be their retaliation? We're fortunate the only thing we've lost so far is most of our lawn and some pea plants and zucchini plants," said Fouillard.

"It would be a lot worse if we had to bury a little girl."

None of the allegations have been proven in court.