Election reform moving forward in Essex

Essex town hall can be seen in this undated photo. (Town of Essex)

The Town of Essex is moving forward with election reform.

The new policy was approved during Tuesday’s council meeting.

Moving forward, candidates cannot use the town’s logo on election materials and campaign signs on vehicles cannot be on town property.

Also new, ahead of the 2022 election, town facilities cannot be used for campaigning and candidates cannot distribute literature on town property.

“Hopefully October 24th 2022 we won’t have to worry about any of this. So yes, I am really happy that this has come forward,” says Essex councillor Sherry Bondy.

Finally, candidates will not be allowed to use corporate resources.

“It’s just one more step and we have a couple more steps to do,” says Bondy.

The reform comes after a number of complaints were issued during the 2018 municipal election.