Emergency preparedness includes pets

As Emergency Preparedness Week comes to a close, there are some tips for pet owners to help keep their friends safe in case of a flood, or a fire or other disaster.

People are reminded to have a checklist, a plan, and an emergency kit prepared in case of an emergency.

Jen Hughes of the Sudbury branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says “If we’re being moved out because it’s unsafe for the people, it’s also unsafe for the furry members as well. So, we really encourage people to think about that and have a plan.”

Greater Sudbury Fire Service recommends you have an emergency preparedness kit containing everything your family will need for 3 days.

“For Emergency Preparedness Week it’s always a good reason to think about do you have all your steps in place in the event that you’re going to be out of power, and electricity for 72 hours" says Assistant Deputy Chief Nathan Melin. He adds "pets are a big extension of our family and that’s a part of your 72 hour kit are items for them as well. So, water bowl, leash, collar, medication, food.”

Hughes continues the list, advising pet owners to “make sure you have ID on your dogs and that their microchip information is up to date with the microchip company that holds that information."

She also recommends having a contact person out of the area to look after the pet in case you can’t be reached and an emergency decal on your window to let emergency services know there is an animal in the building.

The SPCA and Fire Services say homeowners should check their emergency kit at least twice a year and update it if necessary.