Enbridge Gas customers in Ontario will see an increase on their natural gas bill in the new year.

The Ontario Energy Board approved the rate increase, which took effect on Jan. 1.

A press release from Enbridge Gas stated, "This change reflects forecasted increases in North American market prices for natural gas supplies and the cost to transport natural gas from Western Canada and the U.S. into Ontario."

Customers who were with Enbridge before its merge with Union Gas last January will see a jump of about eight-dollars or one-percent annually.

"Residential customers who buy natural gas from Enbridge Gas will see increases ranging from about $6 to $20 per year depending on location," the supplier stated. "Small commercial customers who buy natural gas from the utility will see changes ranging from a decrease of $27 to an increase of $513 per year depending on location."

"Natural gas continues to be the most affordable energy solution for homes and business, saving households up to $1,8004 per year on home and water heating versus electricity, oil or propane," said Enbridge vice president of business development and regulatory, Malini Giridhar.

Enbridge services roughly 75 percent of homes across the province.