The Essex Region Conservation Authority says a flood watch is in effect due to significant rainfall predicted and the potential for strong sustained winds over Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair.

The flood watch will remain in effect through Saturday at 3 p.m.

Forecasts are calling for significant rainfall overnight Friday evening and through Saturday morning.

Environment Canada says there’s the potential to receive up to 50 mm of rainfall over a 12-hour period Friday into Saturday, with the potential for an additional 15 mm later that evening.

On the higher end, Environment Canada has predicted up to 70-75 mm of rainfall over that duration.

ERCA says if the Essex region receives anywhere near the predicted amounts, there is the potential for

flooding along watercourses, ditches and drains.

Tributaries could receive enough runoff to spill into low lying floodplain areas.

Additionally, as the low pressure weather system moves through the area it will bring strong sustained winds with varying impacts along Lake St. Clair and the Lake Erie shoreline.

Wind is expected to remain out of the south until Lake St. Clair receives a strong north and northeast wind Saturday with sustained speeds over 30 km/hr and the potential for gusts up to 50 km/hr .

This could bring damaging waves to the Lake St. Clair shorelines of Windsor, Tecumseh and Lakeshore. Areas directly impacted by this could see waves in the range of 0.5 metres with the potential for nearshore erosion with waves overtopping and spray.