Lake St. Clair in Lakeshore, Ont., on Sunday, July 21, 2019. (Melanie Borrelli / CTV Windsor)

The Essex Region Conservation Authority has issued a Shorelines Conditions Statement for the Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie shorelines, including Pelee Island.

A news release from ERCA said the combination of current water levels and the predicted wind conditions are below Flood Watch levels, but there is still an “elevated risk” of flooding and erosion along the shorelines.

ERCA said winds could reach sustained speeds up to 45 km/hr with gusts around 50 km/hr Sunday by mid-day, and are expected to remain between 35-45 km/hr Monday, potentially lasting until that evening.

Areas of particular concern include the Lake Erie shoreline between Wheatley Harbour and Point Pelee National Park and the Lake St. Clair shoreline from Belle River to Windsor.

ERCA notes that ice coverage remains low across both lakes, and newly formed ice in the area is likely weak and may not withstand the possible wave activity.

“This can result in ice breaking and being brought onshore from wind generated waves. Additionally, with colder temperatures, any wave splashing and spray could freeze causing very slippery and dangerous conditions,” the release said.

ERCA is reminding people to stay safe and take extra caution to avoid flooded areas as well rivers, streams and shoreline areas during rain and wind events.

The combination of waves, slippery banks and fast moving water can be dangerous, ERCA warns.

Children, pets and livestock should be kept away from flowing or standing water — which can present its own unseen hazards — and other shoreline areas.

ERCA officials will continue to monitor conditions.