Erie Shores Healthcare to modify COVID protocols, change in screening and visitation policy

Erie Shores Healthcare in Leaminton, Ont. (Courtesy Erie Shores Healthcare)

Erie Shores Healthcare (ESHC) announced it would be modifying COVID protocols including moving toward ‘passive screening’ and increasing the number of visitors allowed.

A news release from the hospital said a lower community spread of COVID-19 has led to the change in screening protocols which will go into effect Friday, July 1.

ESHC will move to a ‘passive screening’ process for patients and visitors to the hospital. This means visitors and patients will review posted signs that they do not attend the hospital as a visitor if they have certain symptoms, or alert staff to symptoms if they are a patient.

Volunteers will be stationed at hospital entrances and be available to answer questions visitors or patients may have about the screening process.

Amendments will also expand the number of designated caregivers patients can identify.

Patients in in-patient units or ICU will be able to have four designated caregivers, the emergency department will be allowed two, while outpatients will be allowed one. Only one person will be allowed at a patient’s bedside at a time.

ESHC said while screening and visitor restrictions will change, there are no modifications planned for PPE guidelines. Masks will still need to be worn in all hospital areas.