Sault Ste. Marie's 'Every Breakfast Counts' program is back this summer, but with some changes in place to account for pandemic's restrictions. (Christian D'Avino CTV News)

Sault Ste. Marie's initiative to provide nutritional meals to children throughout the summer is back, only this time with a few changes.

The 'Every Breakfast Counts' program began in 2018, when the mayor's office and community partners came together to provide meals to children while they're out of school.

"We're measured by how we take care of our kids and how we help those who need it the most, so this is just one small way we're doing that," said Mayor Christian Provenzano. "We talked to our community partners about how many kids were accessing food programs at schools and we just try to fill a need in the summer."

The program has changed this year to adhere to pandemic restrictions.

"One of those is that we're delivering a week's worth of food to these families instead of prepared meals," said Mike Nadeau, CAO of Sault Ste. Marie social services administration board. "That way, they can prepare those meals at home and limit any possible cross-contamination."

Nadeau and Provenzano both said the pandemic presents a challenge for continuing the program, but not enough to deter its many volunteers.

"The intent and enthusiasm from the community as a whole, from our delivery partners, for the private sector, has remained very, very high and we're able to continue this for another year," Nadeau added.