'Every bride has been robbed': bride-to-be upset with WECHU regulations

Months of planning, and years of dreaming about a perfect wedding are in jeopardy for one couple tying the knot this weekend.

“Every bride has been robbed, every groom has been robbed and every family has been robbed,” says soon to be bride, Kristyn Raine.

Local health unit regulations above and beyond provincial COVID rules seem to have two left feet on the dance floor.

Raine is getting married to her fiancé Jason Comber this Saturday at the Ciociaro Club. However, with Windsor Essex County Health Unit (WECHU) restrictions coming into effect Wednesday, Raine’s indoor wedding is not what she planned.

“The wedding part is the party part, it’s the dancing part, that’s with you and your family and friends. If they take that away they should’ve cancelled all the weddings,” says Raine.

According to the health unit dancing indoors is restricted to the marital couple.

“If you can’t dance with your parents that’s one of the biggest things taken away from you,” says Riane.

“The Letter of Instruction (LOI) is in effect until rescinded, however we review our case counts and investigation reports regularly and will continue to do so once the vaccine verification is in effect on the 22nd,” a statement from WECHU says.

CTV News reached out to the Ciociaro Club, but they declined an interview.

Other venues are also feeling the frustration.

“The wedding protocols are a just a little exaggerated,” says Caboto Club manager Ron Moro.

Moro says the club is following all protocols leaving many brides upset.

“Whoever are making these rules needs to put themselves in the position of the bride and the groom and the wedding reception particularly and put some common sense to the rules. And common sense tells me if I can dance with my bride, I can certainly dance with my mom,” says Moro.

Adding to the uncertainty provincial vaccine certificate requirements take effect days before her wedding. Raine‘s feeling like the rules are piling up and wondering if any will relax in time.

“You can’t dance or you can dance if you want to if you want a $750 fine from the health unit,” says Raine. “Who wants a $750 fine? We’re all vaccinated but we still can’t dance. That makes no sense to me. Masks on obviously, but still no dancing and we are all vaccinated. So when does the health unit work with the wedding club so we can have a proper wedding?”