'Everyone's life has changed': Mother of one saving for wedding with $500K lotto win

Jacquelynn Onilla won $500,000 in a lottery (Supplied: OLG)

A mother of one said she'll use her $500,000 lottery win to save for her wedding and buy a house.

Jacquelynn Onilla of Erin split a $1 million prize with another ticket back in June.

Onilla said she's not much of a lottery player and only bought a ticket because the jackpot was so high.

“I was at my mom’s when I saw the OLG email – my step-dad said it must be spam,” Onilla said in a release from OLG. “Then I logged into my account and saw I won big!”

Along with a house and wedding, Onilla said she'll use the money to help her mom and put the rest away for her son.

“Everyone’s life has changed with this win – it’s a peace of mind, especially after the pandemic. I can spend time with my son and fiancé and not worry!” she said.

Onilla purchased the winning ticket online.