'Everyone wants to get lucky': Hundreds line up for Krazy Binz grand opening

The discount store selling returns and overstocked items at liquidation-low prices had people lined up as early as 6 a.m. in hopes of finding a hidden gem.

Krazy Binz opened Thursday with hundreds of eager shoppers lining up outside the doors for hours. The store encourages pre-bookings through the online registration but still accepts walk-ins. Those who register ahead of time receive a text message reminding them of their scheduled shopping timeslot.

Mike Ryziuk registered for the grand opening the day before and arrived at 6 a.m. When asked what he found, Ryziuk said he bought a 3D printer and binoculars.

“It's not something I absolutely even needed. It's more something I could buy cheap,” he said. “I probably just wasted money too.”

Leanne Robinson, an Alberta Beach resident, says she went in with zero expectation and was not disappointed with her purchases.

“It’s actually pretty good. There’s lot of little items so my advice is to wait for the cheaper days but for the big ticket items, those are pretty good for today,” she said.

Robinson was the 12th person in line for the big box store and advises bargain-hunters to arrive early.

“It’s a bit of a gong show. It’s really really busy -- you sort of pick through and you only have half an hour,” she said.

Despite the chaos, she tells CTV News Edmonton she plans on coming back for the next bargain day.

Krazy Binz shopper Jun Wu says it's a fun experience, and that the idea of the treasure-hunt-like searching appeals to people as it is similar to winning the lottery.

“Everyone wants to get lucky,” he said.

Comparing the shopping experience to Boxing Day, Wu says the concept is smart and a good way to get rid of those over-stocked items.

The store is located at 11531 160 St. NW.