Exemption made for proof of vaccination at City of Regina polling stations

Those who attend Elections Canada polling stations located in City of Regina buildings will be exempt from showing proof of their vaccination status.

The City of Regina and Elections Canada collaborated for an exemption for the four city buildings housing polling stations on Sept. 20.

“Vaccination proof is not standard, and the choice to be vaccinated or not is personal,” Marie-France Kenny with Elections Canada told CTV News. “It’s not something we want to ask electors in terms of giving them license to vote.”

She said Elections Canada is addressing the issue of proof of vaccination on a city-by-city basis. Individual discussions are underway in other cities to determine whether an agreement or exemption is necessary.

“As we introduce proof of vaccination for the spaces in those buildings where the election will occur we will not require voters or the election workers to provide that proof of vaccination,” Chris Holden, city manager, said.

However, when it comes to mandatory masking policies Kenny said the elections agency will observe the landlord's policy.

“I know masks are not mandatory in Saskatchewan, but we have decided that we would also abide by landlord policies,” Kenny said. “So if the policy of the landlord is that we wear a mask, we will mask.”

Voters who refuse to wear a mask for a non-medical reason will be asked to leave, Kenny said.

Elections employees will all be masked, practicing social distancing, observing regular sanitizing protocols and providing one-time use pencils. Voters can also bring their own writing device.