Exhibit at shopping mall honours fallen Transcona soldiers

Stories of Remembrance: From Hometown to the Frontlines will be set up at the Kildonan Places' Centre Court until close on Remembrance Day.

A new exhibit at Kildonan Place tells Transcona's war-time history through the voices and stories of those involved.

The Transcona Museum's latest exhibit, Stories of Remembrance: From Hometown to the Frontlines, will be set up at the mall's Centre Court until close on Remembrance Day.

"Their first-hand experience and points of view will lead you through the stories of remembrance held within the Transcona community to learn from those who were there, feel what they felt, and share what they experienced," said Alanna Horejda, curator of the Transcona Museum

The exhibit tells eighteen stories of Transcona residents dating back to WWI.

"Some of these stories may be hard to read while others are humorous. It is important to remember they happened," said Horejda. "These are stories of real people, real events and the real effects of war."

At the unveiling of the exhibit, guest speaker Peter Martin talked about the town's role in the war.

"A quarter of Transcona's citizens, all men at that time, 400 signed up for WWI," said Martin, "That's a quarter of the population signed up and said, 'It's my duty, I've got to go and I've got to serve.'"

Martin said 123 men from Transcona died in the war and ten were never found.

"These are Transcona young men. They played hockey, they played sports, went to central school and their lives are gone because they fought for a cause they really believed in."

Martin said it's important to tell stories and remember the sacrifices of Transcona's fallen soldiers and the families they left behind.

"Can you imagine the pain? Transcona was a small community. It was devastating when they got the news that their young men passed away. The least we can do all these years later is say, 'we remember their sacrifice.'"

The Stories of Remembrance exhibit runs until November 11.