Expanded GO train service includes stops in Stratford, St. Marys

The GO train will soon make stops in Stratford and St. Marys as part of an expansion of the rail line in southwestern Ontario.

The province announced Wednesday it has added weekday trips from London to Toronto.

The service will extend beyond the Kitchener line, offering one trip from London in the early morning and one return trip from Toronto's Union Station in the evening.

“It’s been very exciting because we’ve been hearing rumors,” said Peter Mussen, a Stratford resident.

Mussen said he hasn’t taken a train in years but will this fall with the new service.

“I’d love to go and go to a Toronto football or soccer game or to the Argos,” said Mussen.

The new train service couldn’t come soon e according to the mayors in both Stratford and St. Marys.

“It’s been 10 years since we made the made the initial pitch to the provincial government,” said Stratford Mayor Dan Mathieson.

“It’s been long overdue,” said Al Strathdee, St. Marys Mayor. “Hopefully they’ll be all day two way a service, someday. But we are a long ways from that. But this is a very exciting first step for us.”

Caroline Mulroney, the province's Minister of Transportation, told CTV in a phone interview that making connections between towns in southwest Ontario was key after hearing from concerned commuters. She added that the pilot project isn't expected to be temporary.

“We want to build a service incrementally and we want to develop it in conjunction with the feedback,” said Mulroney.

The service is scheduled to begin on Oct. 18.